Case Study

PlaceU Microsite Design

PlaceU is an online placement-test platform for higher education. It offers universities the opportunity to select from among proven tests or to use their own test in the system.


The Challenge

While PlaceU was still under development, there was a need to communicate the product benefits to potential customers and keep them updated with the product's progress.

The Research

I first worked with product management to identify the key benefits of using our product versus similar placement-testing platforms. I then outlined the high-level information needed to introduce the new product to its potential users. I concluded that with the limited information available, a long scrolling page with be the best way for users to navigate the microsite, with the anticipation that future pages could easily be added.


The Process

In an effort to stay lean, I began sketching and then jumped right into creating high-fidelity screens. I also documented a style guide to hand off to the developer.

The Development

I provided a developer with high-fidelity screens and descriptions of interactions, such as the navigation bar transforming into a fixed bar when scrolling. I then continued to work with the developer to tweaking and revising until the site was complete.

Navigation Interaction

The main navigation for the site is under the main call to action. As the user scrolls down the page, the navigation fixes to the top of the page and includes the logo mark and main call-to-action button.

The Completed Site

The result is a fully responsive microsite that gives university administrators the information they need to make a testing decision. It also gives the salesforce the opportunity to collect the names of those interested and keep them informed.