Case Study

Component Design: List-Builder

UI/UX Design


The Challenge

Ipreo offers several products and all of them have the requirement to be able to create a list from a larger set of contacts. As the strategy of the company continues to move in the direction of aligning and consolidating products, I was tasked with designing a list-builder that satisfied the requirements of all products.


The Research

I first researched and gathered all the list-builders within Ipreo products to discover the behaviors within each. Some had the ability to import lists, add a new contact on the fly, or bulk edit the contacts' information once it was added to a list.


The Process

I began brainstorming and listing the requirements of a successful list-builder. I then whiteboarded the wireframe for the component.


The Solution

I worked in Sketch App to design how the list-builder would function. I broke down screen to show each of the user's interactions from filtering the list to renaming a new list to adding and removing contacts. This component is now being used in wireframes as new products and features are designed.