Case Study

Dashboard Redesign

UI/UX Design


The Challenge

The Bronto Marketing Platform is about to undergo the first head-to-toe redesign in years. After taking the first step in redesigning the header and navigation for the platform, we decided to redesign the dashboard. The home dashboard is the first thing users see after logging in, yet it was being underutilized in terms of providing users with the information they were looking for.


The Research

The team's ux researcher conducted a user survey to determine the value of each of the dashboard's existing widgets. Users were asked how often they used each widget. Of 28 available widgets, only 4 of them averaged to a "sometimes" response. We also combed through previous user interviews to identify patterns of requested features — items that could potentially appear on the dashboard. Finally, we conducted internal interviews with stakeholders and also professional services, who are a type of Bronto user.


The Process

Armed with the research above, we started to map out widgets and connected them to metrics and the level of data available to us. For instance, we knew we could track revenue performance at the site, campaign, message, and delivery level. Once we settled on the data within each widget, we began to whiteboard how a widget might look and behave.


Once we were heading in a solid direction, we created some large paper prototypes and presented our planned content to the product team. We were looking not only for confirmation in our direction, but also for any holes in our plan.


The Solution

I worked in Sketch App to design a comprehensive dashboard including all of the functionality our users have been asking for. I then worked with the product manager and engineering to start to scope out the work. From there, the PM and I focused on what would be feasible for an MVP. Below is the MVP of the dashboard and some of the widget interactions.